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Girls Lacrosse

Posted On: Monday, May 13, 2013
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2018: Garnet Valley

2017: Conestoga

2016: Conestoga

2015: Conestoga

2014: Garnet Valley

2013: Radnor/Springfield/Harriton/Strath Haven

2012: Garnet Valley

2011: Radnor/Garnet Valley/Springfield/Harriton

2010: Radnor

2009: Springfield

2008: Radnor

2007: Springfield

2006: Conestoga

2005: Conestoga




Team Last First POS # YEAR
Conestoga Evitts Cameron MF 20 JR  1st Team
Conestoga Clark Rachel MF 15 Soph  1st Team
Garnet V Nealon Kara MF 14 SR  1st Team
Garnet V Nealon Regan MF 1 SR  1st Team
Garnet V McKee Madi ATT 18 SR  1st Team
Harriton Schwab Allison ATT 2 SR  1st Team
Harriton Williams Katelin ATT 12 SR  1st Team
Haverford Ciancio Mia C/MF 25 JR  1st Team
Radnor Cox Cate ATT 7 SR  1st Team
Radnor Mueller Ellie ATT 22 JR  1st Team
Radnor Massimino Melissa MF/DEF 13 JR  1st Team
Radnor Phoebe Proctor GOALIE 32 JR  1st Team
Springfield Mastropietro Belle MF 16 SR  1st Team
Springfield Long Alyssa MF 9 JR  1st Team
Springfield Gormley Erin MF 22 JR  1st Team
Conestoga Scott Nia MF 23 SR 2nd Team
Conestoga Sloan Sydney MF 10 SR 2nd Team
Conestoga Klinger Hailey DEF 7 SR 2nd Team
Garnet V Toohey Kathryn MF 10 JR 2nd Team
Garnet V Taulane Devin DEF 21 SR 2nd Team
Harriton Stewart Emily MF 20 SR 2nd Team
Harriton Dwyer Lucy MF 11 Jr 2nd Team
Haverford Gannon Carly MF/C 20 SR 2nd Team
Haverford Johns Lauren GOALIE 44 JR 2nd Team
Penncrest Kaut Kenna MF 27 JR 2nd Team
Radnor Rinehart Ellie DEF 9 Soph 2nd Team
Radnor Dicarlo Tori ATT 29 Soph 2nd Team
Ridley Capozzoli Julianne DEF 11 SR 2nd Team
Springfield Schickling Julie MF/ATT 10 SR 2nd Team
Strath Hav Brennan Gillian ATT 13 JR 2nd Team
Strath Hav Memeger Olivia ATT 9 JR 2nd Team
Conestoga Littlewood Julia ATT 18 JR HM
Conestoga Centofante Sam GOALIE 29 JR HM
Garnet V Shaefer Caroline ATT 16 SR HM
Garnet V McLaughlin Sierra GOALIE SOPH HM
Harriton Henderson Maddie MF 21 JR HM
Harriton Dwyer Grace MF 16 FR HM
Harriton Turner Alex GOALIE 16 JR HM
Haverford Hetznecker Willa ATT/MF 46 JR HM
Haverford Doherty Erin DEF 17 SR HM
Haverford Corcoran Paige DEF 5 JR HM
Haverford Klein Julia DEF 9 Sr HM
Lower Merion Cato Theresa JR HM
Lower Merion O’Connor Sage Soph HM
Marple Gioia Kiley MF 17 Soph HM
Marple Fay Eva DEF 19 SR HM
Marple Cristello Kaely ATT 7 SR HM
Penncrest Pennoni Abby ATT 12 SR HM
Penncrest Lyon Sam DEF 14 Soph HM
Penncrest George Mia ATT/MF 10 Soph HM
Penncrest Ward Moira DEF 8 SR HM
Penncrest Doyle Annalee ATT/MF 4 SR HM
Radnor May Molly ATT 4 JR HM
Ridley Adam Haley ATT 1 SR HM
Ridley Rapone Gia DEF 18 FR HM
Ridley Stratton Corrinne ATT 14 JR HM
Ridley Zimmerman Sydney ATT 6 SR HM
Ridley Tavani Marcianna GOALIE 44 Soph HM
Springfield Johnston Carli DEF 30 JR HM
Springfield O’Connor Casey MF/DEF/ATT 44 Soph HM
Strath Hav McNeely Danielle MF 36 Soph HM
Strath Hav Haase Sophie MF/ATT 7 SR HM
Strath Hav Healy Lizzie DEF 34 HM
Strath Hav Fox Olivia ATT 26 Soph HM
Upper Darby Liberio Gabriella MF 5 JR HM
Upper Darby Stokes Lauren MF 22 Soph HM



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