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Boys Lacrosse

Posted On: Monday, May 13, 2013
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2018: Conestoga

2017: Garnet Valley/Conestoga

2016: Garnet Valley/Conestoga/Strath Haven

2015: Garnet Valley/Penncrest

2014: Penncrest

2013: Radnor/Conestoga

2012: Conestoga

2011: Conestoga

2010: Springfield

2009: Conestoga

2008: Ridley

2007: Conestoga

2006: Conestoga

2005: Springfield



Jack Wilson League MVP: Jack Spence, Springfield
George Kruse Award: Charlie Doane, Radnor
Co-Coach of the Year: Frank Urso, Garnet Valley, and Rollie D’Ortone, Lower Merion

First Team

Jackson Birtwistle, Radnor, A
Jake Morin, Garnet Valley, A
Nicky Palermo, Strath Haven, A
Will Schnorr, Conestoga, A
Dan Bradley, Garnet Valley, M
Liam DiFonzo, Springfield, M
Ibo Pio, Strath Haven, M
John Scheivert, Haverford, M
Jack Spence, Springfield, M
Evan Prince, Harriton, FO
Jake Bouhdary, Conestoga, LSM
Pat Clemens, Springfield, D
Michael Prestipino, Conestoga, D
Scott Smith, Conestoga, D
Nick Van Horn, Garnet Valley, G


Second Team

John Austen, Radnor, A
Jack Clark, Springfield, A
Mitch Lachman, Garnet Valley, A
Brendan Murphy, Conestoga, A
Marlon Weathers, Marple Newtown, A
Ethan Belville, Strath Haven, M
Drew Brown, Radnor, M
Max Busenkell, Garnet Valley, M
Tyler Falco, Lower Merion, M
Zach Broomall, Springfield, FO
Ryan Matsinger, Penncrest, FO
Sean Gallagher, Garnet Valley, LSM
Henry Bard, Lower Merion, D
Sam Morin, Garnet Valley, D
Cole Schwartz, Radnor, D
Brendan King, Ridley, G


Honorable Mention

Kyle Bennett, Haverford, A
Christian Cucinotta, Upper Darby, A
Barkaat Ahdil, Upper Darby, M
Hunter Baar, Garnet Valley, M
Jake Bakey, Ridley, M
Luke Jelus, Marple Newtown, M
Liam Kirk, Conestoga, M
TJ Sims, Penncrest, M
Patrick Cullen, Radnor, FO
PJ Hewitt, Conestoga, FO
Adam Oldrati, Garnet Valley, FO
Lee Feinman, Penncrest, LSM
Luke Fink, Harriton, LSM
Andrew Lord, Haverford, LSM
Jimmy Callahan, Haverford, D
Michael Jameison, Conestoga, D
Zane Mazur, Strath Haven, D
Matt Davis, Haverford, G
Archer Darrach, Radnor, G
Mick Lee, Conestoga, g
Davy Phosouvank-Chamrouenphorn, Upper Darby, G
Shane Stevens, Penncrest, G







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